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Monroe Shag Club

Through the National Fastdance Association, our dance club activities are licensed by:

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We’re Smoke Free!

MSC continues to meet the second Saturday of the month.  We have changed our dance times to 7:30 - 11:30.

MSC July 2017 Newsletter

MSC August 12th 2017 Back to School Dance

Hosts: Ernie & Wanda Carraway

DJ - Jeff Foster

DJ David “Big Dawg” Beaudry is hosting a Shag Event at Buddy’s Point. Click here for details!

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Google has moved to a new photo gallery format that doesn’t readily allow viewing of all photos as in a single “gallery” as we could before. I am currently working towards a resolution.

Beginner & Intermediate Shag Classes Beginner’s classes $25.00 per person. contact Ernie or Wanda Carraway at 704-843-9243 or ec1058@hotmail.com.