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Monroe Shag Club

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Please select any of the following committees on which you would be willing to serve:

      Social Committee

      Membership Committee

      Ways and Means Committee

      Shaggin' for Dollars Committee

      DJ Selection Committee

Annual Membership:

20.00/person - (Membership runs January 1 - December 31). Membership benefits include reduced SOS tickets, reduced cover charge for MSC dances, free admission to MSC's Christmas Dance with membership renewal, and monthly issues of the MSC's, "Shaggin' Good News", phone tree reminders for dances and other special events, recognition at most other shag clubs for lower member cover charges. Make check payable to Monroe Shag Club.

Mail payment to:

Monroe Shag Club

P.O. Box 3202

Monroe, NC 28111

The Membership Chairperson will be contacting you regarding your application.

Monroe Shag Club Membership Application

Print and bring to one of our dances, the second Saturday of each month at the Monroe American Legion on Sutherland Ave.